With the high number of eDiscovery vendors and the huge amount of ED conferences, webinars, and seminars, you might ask why we would talk about eDiscovery for “the rest of us”.  eDiscovery was initially seen as the exclusive domain of large firms with large cases in Federal court but now the fact is that firms of all sizes now must know how to handle electronic discovery efficiently and cost-effectively. Why?

Because that’s where the evidence is. In all types of cases. Domestic, criminal, business ventures, SEC investigations, M/A deals  …. eDiscovery is not just for big firms anymore.

80% of the firms in this country are considered”small” as defined by organizations like the ABA and ILTA. And vendors could care less.  The majority of them still want high volume s of data and users which leaves the 80% … the rest of us … searching for solutions.

This book will help you in that search.

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