How You Can Help

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The GLTC is a small Louisiana LLC that survives on fees generated by consulting work. We need and greatly appreciate the support of law firms, legal vendors and private entities to make this effort a success.

Law firms and corporate entities can hire us for consulting services.

Vendors can:

  1. Donate equipment we can use to provide services to Gulf Coast attorneys after the natural disasters which occur here every year. We particularly need laptop computers, high speed printers and scanners.
  2. Donate at least one copy of your software to load on the GLTC network in order to do demos for interested attorneys.
  3. Offer software discounts for local Bar members where applicable.
  4. Send copies of whatever sales collateral material you currently have available to provide to attorneys.
  5. Send donations of any amount to keep the GLTC open.

In exchange for your support, you will receive the following benefits:

  1. A press release listing your company as a GLTC sponsor.
  2. Your company link on the GLTC web site.
  3. A verbal acknowledgement of your sponsorship at all speaking appearances by Tom O’Connor
  4. Assistance with all marketing efforts in the Gulf Coast region.
  5. Co-sponsorship of CLE events in the Gulf Coast region.

Companies such as yours made our technology super sessions in New Orleans and Jackson an enormous success.  Please help us continue the efforts we started with those events by providing ongoing support through the GLTC.  Thanks again for all your assistance.



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